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WestLake Hills, TX

Our Westlake Hills Duct Cleaning Team is Getting Bigger!

AusTex has been growing our Westlake Hills Duct Cleaning team to meet the demand for our services! To help them and you, we’ve invested in new industrial vent cleaning equipment to offer you optimum cleaning!

Consider Our Westlake Hills Duct Cleaning Team for Your Cleaning Needs

Our promise to you is our full attention, to provide quality and thorough services at a fair price. As a service provider, it is important to us to have great client relations, it’s in our best interest to treat you well. If you’re ever dissatisfied with anything, we want to know so we can make it up to you and keep all of our customers happy and satisfied.

Our Services

Our cleaning and repair services we offer for homes and businesses are:

Air Duct Maintenance Cleaning

Austex has grown rapidly thanks to hiring only the best HVAC and air duct specialists, and we now offer Pflugerville Air Duct Cleaning! Our family isn’t the only thing growing; we’ve now invested in new state-of-the-art vent cleaning equipment to serve your needs!
This involves both the maintenance cleaning process mentioned above but also the sanitization process. Cleaning includes cleaning rotor brushes and other HVAC components that are compact with contaminants. This process improves the life of HVAC motors and makes your overall HVAC system run more efficiently.
In locations with normal levels of contaminants, we recommend you do this every 4 to 6 years. That said, Texas can be fairly dusty at times, with some homes and businesses more susceptible than others. As such, you may want to shorten the time between cleaning.

How Can I Assess if I Need My Air Ducts Cleaned?

The first thing to do is check to see if you have any black spots around your vents or see dust in a visible vent. If you’re unsure, give us a call at (737) 266-5338 , and we’ll do this preliminary check for you and can provide you with a free estimate! We’re more than happy to help and come check things out and provide you with an estimate with no obligation to use our services. If you’ve booked us, this is something we do as part of our service first anyway.

How to Reach Our Westlake Hills Duct Cleaning Team

Our friendly specialists will be glad to hear from you; please call us to discuss how we can help you. Also, if you have any questions or need tips or tricks on keeping your HVAC system in tip-top condition, call (737) 266-5338 .

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to our service center for prompt assistance and expert guidance on all your home maintenance needs.

Air Duct cleaning & Chimney Sweeps

Contact AusTex - Air Duct Cleaning & Chimney Sweeps

Unparalleled home maintenance services. Our dedicated team, armed with industry expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, is ready to address your air duct cleaning, chimney sweeps, dryer vent cleaning, attic insulation, HVAC sanitization, and UV light needs. We prioritize your satisfaction, offering swift and reliable solutions tailored to your specific requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you find dust and debris both inside and outdoors, particularly close to the vents that discharge the cool air, your ducts probably need to be cleaned. Make sure to regularly replace the air filters in your HVAC system to avoid further dust accumulation. The use of an air purifier is an additional choice.

Uncleaned Ductwork does not improve airflow (and can actually help impede it), does not permanently remove mold or odors, and, depending on the type of ductwork, actually cause damage.

The best way to maintain your ductwork will be determined by consulting a licensed HVAC technician.

No, it won’t. If you hire a professional company to clean your air ducts, such as AusTex air duct cleaning, your home will be clean and tidy when they’re done.

Most cleanings will take approximately 45 minutes to 90 minutes.

Yes, removing debris from ducts enhances airflow, allowing your HVAC system to operate more efficiently, potentially lowering energy consumption and utility costs.

While new homes may have less initial buildup, construction debris and contaminants can accumulate. Cleaning ensures optimal air quality and system efficiency from the start.

Absolutely. Removing allergens, mold, and contaminants from air ducts can significantly improve indoor air quality, reducing the risk of respiratory issues and allergies.

Yes, by reducing strain on the system. Clean ducts enable HVAC components to function more efficiently, potentially extending the lifespan of the entire system.

A professional service typically includes a thorough inspection, cleaning of ducts, vents, and HVAC components, as well as the removal of debris and contaminants.

Yes, signs include a sudden increase in energy bills, strange odors, visible mold around vents, or if family members experience unexplained respiratory issues. Immediate attention is advisable in such cases.